This is an Early Bird ticket for Demeter from 10  - 13 November 2022.


Demeter is a four-day Gothic Horror Sailing larp, where you can experience the „real“ story behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula traveling from Transylvania to England.


What is included in your ticket?

  • 4 days vegan, vegetarian or omnivorian meals from dinner Thursday to lunch Sunday.
  • 3 nights on the ship in shared cabins from 6-10 people.
  • A fully written character with lots of options, but also lots of freedom and additional inspirations.
  • All required character handouts, like sailor cards, passenger tickets
  • All required character props, like your character's cargo and in-game weapons.


In this unique event on a three-mast gaff-schooner and you will:

  • Learn how to sail a traditional sailing ship.
  • Spend 4 days on a real traditional ship, sailing on the Baltic Sea between Germany and Denmark.
  • Discover the darkness within your own soul.
  • Experience the horrible death of your character…
  • Find out what "really" happened on the last voyage of the Demeter! 

Demeter 2022 Early Bird Ticket

449,00 €Price